Yamazaki | 18yr Mizunara Anniversary Edition

Yamazaki | 18yr Mizunara Anniversary Edition

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100th Anniversary Limited Edition

The 100th Anniversary Edition of Yamazaki Single Malt Japanese Whisky, aged for 18 years, has a bottling strength of 48% alcohol by volume (96 proof). It is a product of Japan.

Mizunara oak, a type of oak found in Japan, is known for its unique influence on Yamazaki whisky, adding a distinct Japanese character and elegance. Whiskies aged in Mizunara casks develop a special spiciness and a fragrance reminiscent of sandalwood and agarwood. The Yamazaki Mizunara Single Malt Whisky is carefully crafted from selected malt whiskies aged for a long time, showcasing the rare and exquisite qualities of Mizunara casks. The spicy notes from the Mizunara casks are essential in creating the signature taste of Yamazaki Single Malt.