Yamazaki | Smoky Batch The First

Yamazaki | Smoky Batch The First

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Meet Yamazaki Smoky Batch The First, a pioneering Japanese whisky that redefines the boundaries of flavor. Crafted with meticulous expertise by the master distillers of Suntory at Japan's oldest distillery, this exceptional single malt is a testament to the artistry of Japanese whisky production.

With subtle notes of sweet fruitiness that gracefully unveil themselves and a gentle smokiness present in every sip, it encapsulates the hallmark maturity and balance that characterizes Yamazaki whiskies. What truly distinguishes it from the standard Yamazaki range is its unique quality—an unmistakable "Japanese-style gentle smokiness."

Whether you prefer to savor it neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail, this expression proves to be a versatile whisky suitable for all occasions.

This release is part of a limited edition batch, making it a highly sought-after addition to any whisky collection. Don't miss the opportunity to relish the inaugural offering from Yamazaki that stands in a league of its own.