Doritos x Empirical

Doritos x Empirical

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Taste Profile

Rich nacho cheese, crispy corn tostada, savory umami, with a subtle hint of acidity.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy neat, over ice, or as a unique twist in a Margarita or Bloody Mary.


Made with malted barley, Belgian Saison Yeast 2, and Doritos Nacho Cheese.

Flavor Description

Discover the authentic essence of your beloved snack transformed into a liquid delight. This spirit starts with enticing umami and tangy notes of nacho cheese, transitioning to the deeper, corn-centric flavors of the chip, and finishing with a gentle touch of saltiness.

The birth of the Doritos spirit is a tale of serendipity, as the best discoveries often are. In the early days of Empirical, while we were experimenting with various still designs and botanical combinations, a team member returned from lunch with a sandwich and a bag of Doritos. Without hesitation, I tossed the Doritos into the still, not expecting much beyond perhaps capturing some top notes or the essence of the tortilla.

To our surprise, as the R&D team took their first sips, laughter filled the room. We had created a Doritos-infused spirit!

Doritos encapsulate all the flavors we crave as humans—umami richness, saltiness, a touch of sweet and sour, and even a hint of bitterness—all in one bite. It's a guilty pleasure many chefs secretly indulge in. This sentiment was confirmed as we shared the beta version of the spirit with our restaurant colleagues, witnessing the same laughter and delight we experienced during our initial tasting.