Blanton’s | 2019 Polish Limited Edition

Blanton’s | 2019 Polish Limited Edition

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Blanton's 'Blue Label' 2019 Poland Edition Single Barrel Bourbon is an exclusive annual release crafted specifically for the Polish retail market. This bourbon whiskey holds a distinguished status as one of the rarest and most highly sought-after varieties available. Notably, it features one of the most visually captivating labels ever produced by Blanton's. Bottled at a slightly higher proof of 98 compared to the standard Original Single Barrel, the 2019 Poland Edition brings an added punch to the already smooth and subtle flavors that define Blanton's flagship bourbon. It offers an increased depth and complexity that enhances the overall tasting experience. As an exceptional collector's item, this bottle deserves to be prominently displayed as the centerpiece of any top-shelf collection. Blanton's 2019 Poland Edition is an essential addition for Blanton's enthusiasts and lovers of limited-edition bourbon whiskey alike.


*Although not common, wax may crack during shipping causing minor leakage.


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